Nederlandse Stripprofessional HANS VAN OUDENAARDEN blogt over wat er allemaal komt kijken bij het maken van het nieuwe RHONDA stripverhaal: "REBECCA".


First, let me introduce myself.

Okaaaaaaay. But first things first. Before anything else, Let me introduce myself more properly. My name is Hans van Oudenaarden. I live in Holland, Europe, and for the last twenty years or so, I have been a comicbook artist.
All over the globe, where ever you are, "being in comics" means slightly different things, I suppose. Over here, in Europe, comics are mainly produced for publication in specialized comic-magazines and  for "comicbooks". Roughly 8.5 to 11.5 inches booklets. 48 pages. Full color. Sturdy cover. No advertisements. We call 'm "Albums" over here.
In my career so far, I have done a few of these albums. Here are few from my "Bob Evers" series. A series I have done in cooperation with writer Frank Jonker. It's because of such an "album", I have started this blog . . .

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