Nederlandse Stripprofessional HANS VAN OUDENAARDEN blogt over wat er allemaal komt kijken bij het maken van het nieuwe RHONDA stripverhaal: "REBECCA".

Wat is dit allemaal?

Ever REALLY wanted to get involved in creating a comicbook? Really get the feeling you're looking over the artist's shoulder. Be part of something superrrrrr -exclusive. Here's your chance!

My name is Hans van Oudenaarden (aka VANO) and I am from Holland, Europe.
I have been a succesful comicbook artist for the past twenty years.

What's the case? Dutch writer Hanco Kolk has written this fantastic script for a epic, classic comic adventure. Love, acrobatics and a lot of really weird stuff. I  fell IN LOVE with the story, the moment I layed eyes on it.

1. I decided to DO the project.
2. I decided to do this one in a TOTALLY DIFFERENT way from all my other books. 

For this VANO comicbook, I wanted to find out if there was some truth in the stuff I kept hearing, lately. Using the internet, any artist can become his OWN PUBLISHER!! WOW! But HOW???

So, not being an internet-native, from this point onward, I am all questions. It's obvious I need some help here. CAN I do this on my own? Is it INEVITABLE, like with all my other books, to contact a professional publisher, at some point?  I want really to get the readers involved. Where do I start? Should I build a community?? All questions that YOU might be able to answer!

So, I declare open fase 1:

Spread the word and please drop me a line on this blog.